Welcome to IESN Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

Our new PTA is just born and thanks to that we’re taking a big step towards our keyword Togetherness. Together we can make our children’s time at IES Nacka even more fantastic!

You can read more about us in our new statutes and the minutes from our latest General annual meeting.

The IES Nacka PTA are present at different school events such as the parents meeting organized by the school. Our goal is also to arrange lectures during the year for parents and students to complement the school’s initiatives.

One important thing that the PTA is working on in cooperation with the school is to nominate class parents (klassföräldrar) for the fall and spring term. Please let the mentors or one of our representatives know if you can help with that. This is important to improve the communication with the school as well as helping to arrange events. See Class parent page for more details.

Please visit the membership page for information on how to become a member as well as registration and payment information.

Please interact on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1231917636825750/

Documents and slides from our meetings and events are published on the page Calendar.